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PROMT Expert 19

PROMT Expert 19

PROMT Expert 19 is a solution with advanced features for professional translators. With PROMT Expert 19 you can quickly obtain high-quality translations of any type of documents using full set of professional customization tools.

Solution Scope

Translation of large information volumes for internal and external customers.

Translation of standard documents (contracts, project documentation, technical specifications, manuals, etc.).

Corporate document management support , including documents in foreign languages.

Integration of translation memories of different vendors and parallel texts.

Fast extraction of text terminology, the terminology is stored in domain-specific dictionaries and kept up-to-date.


  • Language service providers
  • Translation departments of companies
  • Protocol services of companies
  • Freelance translators

PROMT Expert 19 translates between the following languages:

  • English - Russian and Russian - English;
  • English - German and German - English;
  • English - Spanish and Spanish - English;
  • English - Portuguese and Portuguese- English;
  • English - French and French - English;
  • English - Italian and Italian - English;

Online languages (Bonus!)
Online translation from Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Korean (new) and Japanese is additionally included.

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