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PROMT for MS Office

PROMT for MS Office

PROMT for MS Office is a convenient tool for translation in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point. With its help, you get document translation without leaving the program you are using.

IMPORTANT: This Software may only be used for personal purposes in a non-commercial environment (that means at home).

Key benefits

New level of translation quality
Improved translation algorithms, updated dictionaries and unique PROMT translation technology, provide the best quality of machine translation from and into English.

Save of Time and Resources
Scientific articles, legal agreements – all documents you need for work, you can read in the native language or instantly translate for your friends and partners.

To translate, you don't need an Internet connection. Your personal data and any translated information will not be disclosed to the third parties.

Use PROMT for MS Office to:

Quickly grasp the overall idea behind texts and documents written in a foreign language.

Translate documents in the applications of the Microsoft Office XP-2016 suite (Word, Excel, Power Point)/

Translate with minimum effort in any Windows-run program or application.

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