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Protect your investment with a @promt BackUp CD!

We can’t protect your computer from system crashes, but we can keep your investment in our software safe and sound, no matter what happens to your computer.

You never know when your computer might crash; it could easily happen before you’ve had a chance to make a backup copy of your software purchase. So we’re providing the @promt BackUp CD service to ensure our clients never find themselves in this situation.

With the @promt BackUp CD, you can restore your @promt software in minutes, even if your hard drive was erased by a virus or accidentally lost or damaged. Without it, you’d have to purchase and install your @promt software all over again, losing time, money, and valuable work.

Purchasing software as a download can now be completely worry-free. Just order an @promt Backup CD at the same time as you order the software, and you’ll have a backup copy at hand if ever you need it (although of course we hope that is never the case!).

To buy your BackUp CD, just add the U.S. or International version of BackUp CD to your order in the shopping cart. Complete your purchase, download the software and relax - your backup software will be delivered to your door according to the following schedule:

Extended Download Service – the ultimate protection for your @promt investment!

Our Extended Download Service (EDS) is one more way to ensure you always have access to your @promt software.

Computers are always vulnerable to damage from malware or human error which could prevent access to or use of downloaded software applications. By adding EDS to your order, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing PROMT maintains a backup copy of your digital file for you to re-download at your convenience at any time.

When you are ordering your software online, just add EDS to your shopping cart. Your EDS purchase will be reflected in your order and, from that moment on, you will be entitled to re-download your @promt software any number of times at no charge for the following two years.

EDS is a simple way to guarantee the safety of your @promt purchase!

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